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Midweek activities for all ages


No Wednesdays at Woodstock this week due to fall break.
See you next week! (September, 28)!

Here's what's happening each week:

We all need a boost in our walk with Jesus in the middle of the week – so why not head over to Wednesdays at Woodstock? Each week, you and your family can participate in classes, worship opportunities, and other activities designed to help you grow in your faith.

Wednesday Night Dinner is back!

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Real Momentum

A250 (A Building | 2nd Floor)

Our men’s ministry is committed to helping you grow as a disciple of Jesus Christ through Real Momentum, Better Man groups, and men’s events, which offer tailored men’s ministry coaching, local church events and strategic mission partnerships.

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Financial Peace University

Join the millions who never have to worry about money again. With Financial Peace University, you’ll learn the proven plan to pay off debt fast and save more money for your future.

W2060A (Worship Center | Altar Counseling Suite)

William & Lyn Miller | 6:15-7:45PM | Weekly starting September 14

Keeping Marriages Healthy

Take your relational connectedness to the next level.

This class is currently at capacity! Check back for more opportunities next semester.

David & Michele Sandstrom | 6:15-7:45PM  | Weekly starting August 17 | 16 sessions | 12 couples max


Merge prepares seriously dating and engaged couples for marriage by addressing common challenges from a biblical perspective in a fun and authentic environment.

A206 (A Building | 2nd Floor)

Wes & Jane Cantrell | 6:15-7:45PM | 8 weeks: September 28-November 16 | For couples who are engaged or seriously dating

Wonderfully Made: Hope in Infertility, Miscarriage, & Adoption Loss

Join a faith-based support group for those facing infertility, miscarriage, and/or adoption loss. Each meeting will discuss topics of faith, peace, and more in the light of infertility, miscarriage, and loss. 

A203 (A Building | 2nd Floor)

Hunter & Katie Carl | 6:15-7:45PM | 2nd & 4th Wednesdays of each month

Genesis Vs Evolution

This twelve-week class defends the creation account in Genesis with evidence from God’s Word, as well as from astronomy, geology, and biology. Attendees will leave confident in their ability to defend the infallible word of our Creator.

A241 (A Building | 2nd Floor)


Deeper: How to Study the New Testament

This class explores the historical, cultural, and philosophical world of the New Testament. It examines the formation of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and role of the scribes, as well as life under Roman rule and Judaism during the first century.  

A205 (A Building | 2nd Floor)

Marty Vickery | 6:15-7:45PM | Weekly starting August 24 | Geared towards singles, but open to anyone!

Parenting in a Tech World

Parenting in a Tech World is your guide, from start through finish, to creating a healthy relationship with technology among your family members. If you’re looking for where to begin with managing technology in a healthy way, Parenting in a Tech World is that starting line.

W2052 (Worship Center | 2nd Floor)

Jason Mahr | 6:15-7:45PM | Weekly starting October 5 | 15 sessions

Bible Studies

Grow in your faith alongside other like-minded women. (be)loved women’s ministry exists to equip women to be faithful disciples of Jesus through prayer, Bible study, fellowship, and events.

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Basic Bible Truths

Ladies, are you in need of encouragement, knowledge and understanding of real truth?  Are you tired of false teaching and confusion from the world? Time to get back to basics! This study will be a journey into real worship, biblical principles and characters, and how to walk in the truth of God’s Word.  Each week will be a separate truth with demonstrations, in depth Old and New Testament teaching, and a return to the TRUTH of God’s Word. No book required. Study guides send by email each week.

B240 (B Building | 2nd Floor)

Debbie Windham | 6:15-7:45PM | Weekly starting August 17

Learning to Disciple a New Believer

If you were asked to disciple a new believer, would you be able to say YES? Would you be equipped and ready?  This study will teach you how to disciple and help a new Christian grow.   We will go over what it means to be a child of God, the work of the Holy Spirit, prayer, the infallibility of the Word of God, why we need the church, witnessing, etc.

W2073 (Worship Center)

Mae Lynn Biggs | 6:15-7:45PM  | Weekly starting August 17 

Unbroken Faith: Spiritual Recovery For The Special Needs Mother

Are you a mom of a child or adult with special needs? Do you sometimes feel isolated and lonely and crave friendships with other women who understand? Are you walking through a time of grief for your child’s or your own future? Do you feel angry that things always seem hard or different? Are you afraid of what lies ahead? Do you struggle with why God allowed this in your family or how he wants to use it for the good of you and others? Have you cycled through all of those emotions and now feel ready to come alongside another mama who is new at this special needs parenting thing and help her find answers? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, please join our Bible study/support group for moms of those with special needs. As we read through the book, “Unbroken Faith,” we will learn and enjoy making friendships with other moms who can relate with one another.

A204 (A Building | 2nd Floor)

Nicole McLain | 6:15- 7:45PM | Weekly starting August 17

Freedom In Christ

The Freedom In Christ course is designed to help every Christian become a fruitful disciple and make their life count. Some of the areas covered in the course include:
  • How we became brand-new people from the inside out when we surrendered our lives to Jesus as our Savior
  • Why we can boldly go into God’s presence any time we like without fear
  • How nothing we do can make God love us any more or any less
  • How to resolve the effects of even the deepest issues from the past
  • How to deal with repeating patterns of sin
  • Understanding what God’s purpose for our life is (it may not be what we think!)

W2051 (Worship Center)

Sarah Bridges | 6:15-7:45PM | Weekly starting August 17


In MomCare we come together to study the Bible, to learn how it teaches us to care for the children in our lives. Classes are interactive as we share God’s Word, examples from our lives of using God’s ways with our children. Our class is made up of all ages of moms. It is a warm, caring group who want to learn to raise their children using God’s ways and principles and to develop lasting friendships among themselves. We would love for you to join us!

A220 (Building A | 2nd Floor)

Suzanne Miller | 6:15-7:45PM | Weekly starting August 17

How Much More

Join us to discover divine love in the often overlooked and misunderstood passages. And you’ll be delighted to find that Jehovah of the Old Testament is the same redemptive and compassionate God we see through Jesus Christ in the New Testament. He has always been and will always be for us!

W2053 (Worship Center)

Alisha Kirkland |  6:15-7:45PM | Weekly starting August 17

Who Is God?

God is more than simply coming to church and checking off all the right spiritual boxes. Join us for a study of the Names of God all throughout the Bible as we seek to learn who God is and how He relates to our lives today. This class focuses on building community through prayer and discussion of Biblical application.

W2072 (Worship Center)

Amanda Howell | 6:15-7:45PM | Weekly starting August 17

Encountering God

Spiritual disciplines are essential to a more vibrant spiritual life and knowing God more intimately. Join Kelly Minter in this 7-session Bible study as she unpacks the biblical foundation for these sacred habits along with approachable ways to practice disciplines like prayer, study, worship, rest, simplicity, generosity, celebration, and many more. Instead of being just one more thing on your to-do list, you’ll find that these habits of faith can actually create more margin in your life—providing peace and rest as you walk closer with Jesus.

A220 (A Building | 2nd Floor)

Donna West | 9:45AM-12:30PM | Weekly starting September 7

Jueces/Judges: Spanish Precept

Nada ha cambiado desde los días des los jueces, las personas aún hacen lo que es correcto ante sus propios ojos. Conoce a dios y vive de manera diferente. / driving out your enemies.

A200 (A Building | 2nd Floor)

Wendy Durstberger | 6:00- 8:00PM | Weekly starting September 14

Prayer for Revival | Ronda Davenport

Prayer Room | A Building (1st Floor | adjacent to room A140)

Prayer Matters.

Many people would describe prayer as having a conversation with God, but it is much more than that. It is participation with God in His activity in the world today. Learn more about why we should pray and how prayer is depicted in the Bible from the examples of James and Elijah.

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Divorce Care


Thank you for considering Divorce Care with First Baptist Woodstock. We are here to walk you through one of the most difficult experiences in life with love and compassion. Whether you are separated, looking to reconcile, going through the storm of divorce, or already divorced, this class is for you.

We offer a hybrid series (In-Person & Online via Zoom). This approach has given us the opportunity to assist individuals not just locally in Woodstock but all over the southeast. Our co-ed group meets weekly (Wednesday) following the Cherokee County School Schedule. Child Care is available.

The series are led by facilitators who have been through the storm. It is designed to be a safe place where you will “Find Help, Discover Hope, and Experience Healing”.

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Grief Share

A140 (A Building | 1st Floor) 

This group meets to help and encourage each other after the death of a spouse, child, family member, or friend.

ESL and Citizenship Classes

ESL Classes: A263 (A Building | 2nd Floor)
Citizenship Classes: A264 (A Building | 2nd Floor) 

Want to learn English or improve your English skills?
We have classes that can help you. We offer six levels of instruction for anyone who wants to learn English. Classes are available for all skill levels, from beginners who have no English skills to those who want to converse in English for business or pleasure.

English ClassesCitizenship Classes

Global Equipping Sessions

World Impact Center Training Room (Worship Center | 2nd Floor)

One of our priorities as a church is serving individuals and families in our surrounding community. We want to do everything we can to represent Christ’s love and compassion in a tangible way as we learn about the needs around us.

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Worship Choir & Orchestra Rehearsal

Worship Choir: Choir Room (Worship Center | 3rd Floor)
To find out more email
Orchestra Rehearsal: Orchestra Room (Worship Center | 3rd Floor)
To find out more email
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Special Needs | Thrive Gathering

Thrive Suite (A Building | 1st Floor) 

Thrive offers a Wednesday night program for individuals of all ages with special needs to come worship together and learn about Christ. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to check out one of the many Wednesday night groups like the Special Needs Moms care group, Real Momentum (for men), Divorce Care, and many more.

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Woodstock Thrift Store

Lower Level of the B Building

The Woodstock Thrift Store is a great place to find all sorts of treasures for your family! We have clothing for men, women, and children, small appliances, and much more.

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Solid Rock Singers

Choir Room (Worship Center | 2nd Floor)

FBCW’s mature adult choir (ages 55 and up), the Solid Rock Singers, rehearse on Wednesdays from 11:30AM-12:30PM immediately following Mature Adult Bible Study. Rehearsals are in the WC Choir room. This will be one of the best hours of your week!


High School

The Warehouse

At First Baptist Church Woodstock, you can get equipped with biblical teaching, grow in a community of like-minded students, and engage in God’s mission of sharing the Gospel throughout the world. Come check out a gathering on Wednesday evening or Sunday morning!

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Middle School

The Warehouse

We are the middle school ministry of First Baptist Church Woodstock and we exist to make disciples of sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students who are changed by the gospel, connected to the church, and engaged missionally. We meet on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights at the Warehouse.

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Students in Worship

The Warehouse 

Students in Worship provides opportunities for students to lead worship for Multi-Gen events, Students in Worship tours, special events, and on Sundays with the Woodstock Worship Choir. You don’t have to be a great singer–you just have to want to sing! Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 5:45-6:20PM in the Warehouse, just before middle and high school gatherings.

To find out more, email

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Special Needs | Thrive Gathering

Thrive Suite (A Building | 1st Floor)

Thrive provides a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for children and adults with disabilities to learn and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our trained staff and volunteers help teach and engage students in the Word through Bible lessons, art, and music.

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Orchestra Room (Worship Center | 3rd Floor)

Student instrumentalists have the opportunity to play every Sunday with the Woodstock Worship Orchestra for the 9:30AM gathering. Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 5:45-6:20PM in the orchestra room, just before the middle and high school gatherings begin.

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Woodstock Kids

B Building

Join us for Woodstock Kids Wednesday Nights, open to students in kindergarten through 5th grade. We’ll dive into a themed Biblical lesson, along with Scripture memorization and activities that include: missions, sports, arts, and discipleship.

Elementary Check-in:

  • Kindergarten: B220
  • 1st Grade: B200
  • 2nd Grade: B210
  • 3rd Grade: B100
  • 4th & 5th Grade: Lower Level of the B Building

Elementary Check-out:

  • Kindergarten: B220
  • 1st Grade: B200
  • 2nd Grade: B210
  • 3rd Grade: B100
  • 4th & 5th Girls: B110
  • 4th & 5th Boys: Lower Level of the B Building

Preschool | Woodstock Littles

Preschool Atrium (Worship Center | 1st Floor)

A Christ-centered foundation starts with our youngest members.

As a church, we are always investing in the next generation — and this starts with babies and kids. From praying over infants to sharing relevant Bible lessons, your child can learn about the Bible and experience God’s presence weekly.

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Special Needs | Thrive Gathering

Thrive Suite (A Building | 1st Floor)

Thrive provides a fun, safe, and welcoming environment for children and adults with disabilities to learn and grow as disciples of Jesus Christ. Our trained staff and volunteers help teach and engage students in the Word through Bible lessons, art, and music.

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