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New Groups

Battling Depression | 11:00AM in Fellowship Hall D/E

This group will help you battle depression from a sound biblical approach.

New Classes

Welcome to the Bible: A practical approach to learning God's Word | Sundays at 11:00am in W2051

The God who created the heavens and the earth has chosen to reveal Himself to us through His written word. Join us for this 12-week overview of the Holy Bible. You will learn how 66 individual books, written by 40 different authors over 1,500 years are uniquely organized so you can learn God’s simple truths and apply them to your daily life. - Led by Alan & Tonya Hedgeman

Genesis vs. Evolution | Sundays at 11:00am in the Fellowship Hall A/B/C

Does acceptance of the theory of evolution undermine our faith? Join us for a 10-week in-depth study of this controversial topic through exploration of the book of Genesis and examination of scientific physical evidence. - Led by CMI Partner Bob O'Donnell

Christianity & Our Constitution | Wednesdays at 6:15pm in Room A240

This is an 11-week class provided at no charge (optional booklet for $10) presenting the origins of our Constitution, and its connection with the Declaration of Independence, our founders and their faith. Class meets on Wednesdays starting January 15th at 6:15pm in Room A240 (A-Building). All are welcome and registration is not required.

Basic American Sign Language (ASL) | Begins on Sat. April 4 and ends Sat. June 27 in Room A250

To register contact: Gena Cox or Brittany James

Sunday Morning Groups

Please select your age group.

Young Adults Sunday Morning Groups

ADULTS 1 - 20s/30s

Kevin Maher // B100 A/B

Aaron Williams // B220

ADULTS 2 - 30s/40s

Matt Hames // B240

Dwight Hicks // B220

Steven Nolan // B200

ADULTS - Singles & Specialty Groups

The Well // B Building Basement

FOCUS - Singles 35 & Under

Journey I/II - Singles 36-50 // B110

Nearly Wed
Chris & Dianne Tuttle // B100 C/D
Designed for couples in their 20s who are engaged or seriously dating and considering engagement for the first time, this course covers many pre-marital topics (finances, communication, love languages, etc.). The course also satisfies the state pre-marital counseling requirement for a discounted marriage license.

Newly Wed
Wes & Jane Cantrell and David & Kathy Carl // B101 | Jey Willis // B201
This group is designed for couples in their first marriage who have been married less than 3 years. Topics include finances, Love & Respect, preparing for parenting, etc.

Mature Adults Sunday Morning Groups

Mature Adults - 50+

Alan Hedgeman // A260

Allen Power // Fellowship Hall F/g

Bobby Ritch // W2051

Bobby Stansell // W2080A

Buddy Hulsey // W2080C

Danny Gravitt // W2050

Debbie Brown // A241

Gary Hall // A240

Gene Price // A250

Greg Moss // A140

Marion Dexheimer - Ladies Only // W2052

Marty Benton // B210

Mike Franklin // B110

Jerry Sellers // W2072

Jim Flanders // W2032

Johnny Hall // W2060

Paul Hahn // A261

Pete Cutler - Men Only // W2053

Roger Watson // W2080B

Vern Rudolph // W2080D

Eric Dell // A2080A

Jasper Harold // W2053

Jeff Myers // Fellowship Hall F/G

Jim Stephens // W2080D

Nancy Spain // A241

Milt Biliouris // W2073

Ron O’Kelly // A260

Tom Hoenstine // A255

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