The Great Commission Initiative exists to help the Church live out her calling to make disciples that make disciples. We partner with the Holy Spirit to lovingly model a Great Commission lifestyle and equip others to do the same everywhere they go.

The Great Commission is Jesus’s final task for ALL of His disciples. This effort exists to equip people to live out their calling to make disciples from Woodstock to the World.


We have teams of practitioners, modelers, and trainers for the Great Commission from every demographic of the church. We function in teams of young singles, young married adults, median adults, and mature adults. Whatever your age or life stage, we would love for you to be involved!


Under the authority of King Jesus, we learn, grow, and tell others about Him everywhere we go. We help new, existing, and not yet believers do the same by helping them learn how to obey Jesus’s commands. We seek to live with full reliance on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit in all that we do.


Jesus has ALL authority in heaven and on earth, and He first loved us. Therefore, we go in obedience to King Jesus to love the people around us from Woodstock to the World.

“They came to my door at a time when I was in great need. I was lost and had an emptiness that only Jesus could fill. They simply offered to pray for me and they came back to share the gospel with me the next week. Not only did I feel the love of Christ, but I was set free by Christ as well! From then on we met weekly to read the word and I had accountability. It taught me how to not only have a relationship with Jesus, but also how to share the same faith that was shared with me. I am eternally grateful!”



You’ll learn by watching and practicing biblical practices that make disciples that make disciples of Jesus!


To Be Announced


You’ll learn how to GROW and GATHER new groups and MULTIPLY reproducing disciples that ABIDE in Christ.


To Be Announced

Come & See
Want to see the Great Commission happening in your own backyard? Come and watch someone model for you how to simply engage neighbors in the Cherookee & Cobb county areas. You can also jump into a time with new or existing believers growing in God's Word, together.


Let's Connect

Give us a call or send us an email. We’d love to help you, your family, or your church be equipped with easy ways to live out the Great Commission in your own backyard. Contact us and together we will talk about helpful next steps!

Have Questions?

Our team would love to answer any questions that you may have. This is our specialty.
You can contact us Monday - Thursday from 8:00am - 5:00pm.

Fred Campbell
Jessica Dangar
GCI Associate