Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.James 1:27
    Right now there are over 300 children in the foster care system of Cherokee County. Having been removed from their familiar homes, these precious children are now in the custody of the State of Georgia. Every one of them desire to be in a safe and loving home. They want to know that things are going to be okay. And the very parents that they were taken from want their children to be safe and loved as well. The goal of WeFoster is to provide a caring, Christian home for every foster child in our community while working towards having that child return to their birth parents or to another family member. It is important to have foster care homes within the child's own community to keep him or her from being uprooted and moved to another school or community. And it is equally important to have a "Community of Care" within WeFoster to support and mentor the foster children. WeFoster has three strategic areas for families or individuals to be involved that make up the Community of Care - Mentors, Respite Families, and Foster Families. We are looking for families and individuals to serve in all of these areas within WeFoster.


    Mentors are people of all ages and stages in life. Whether you are a college student, single adult, parent, or grandparent, there is a place for you! Our WeFoster families have foster children in their home that need a lot of support. These children need loving, caring and supporting mentors that will take time to help & invest in them. Our Mentors help with transportation, meals, childcare and other day/evening support for a Foster Family. Most of all, the Mentors give these children familiar faces they can trust.
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    Respite Family

    These are the Aunt, Uncle and Grandparent figures for the foster children. Respite Family stand beside the Foster Family by providing another level of support. Overnight childcare, weekend care, attending ball games or recitals are just a few areas where the Respite Family supports the Foster Family. Our Foster Families need an extended break from time to time and The Respite Family is there to provide an approved home for their foster children. To be a Respite Family you will walk through the same training as the Foster Family.
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    Foster Family

    These are the homes that are willing to have foster children live with them for a few days, a week, a month or longer. However long it takes for the birth family to work on correcting the issues that stand in the way of their children returning home. Foster Families are the front line of WeFoster. Many times these children are much different then your own and they come into your care scared and broken. Trust is difficult with these children. The Foster Family has to be prepared to work through many unforseen situations while the child is in their care. Another aspect of the Foster Family is the work that needs to happen with the birth family. Many times it is the Foster Mom or Dad mentoring and coaching the birth parents. Making it possible for the child to return home.
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    Upcoming Training Sessions

    Mentor Training
    TBD Email for more info.
    Wefoster Info Sessions
    February 21 - 6:30PM - Craig Ormsby's office
    Foundations Training
    TBD (Required for all Foster Families and Respite Families) Email for more info.

    Steps to Serving with Wefoster

    • Introduction Session for WeFoster

      (Required for all volunteers, foster families, and respite families.) LEARN MORE HERE

    • Foundations Training

      (Required for all volunteers, foster families, and respite families.) LEARN MORE HERE