August 5th is soon approaching, and it will be an important, exciting day at FBCW! Pastor Johnny Hunt will return to the pulpit with a new series, “Psalms: We Need to Sing,” and it will be Promotion Sunday for Preschool through High School Small Groups. Along with all FBCW church staff, I encourage you and your family to make a special effort to be present on August 5th to welcome back Pastor Johnny Hunt and to start a new year in Preschool Small Groups!

— Kim Williams, Director of Preschool Ministries


  • Keep in mind: Promotion means change, and it may take a month or so for you and your child to settle in.
  • Your child's classroom is based on your arrival time. If you arrive at a different time on a particular week, his/her room will be based on that arrival time.
  • Birthday charts for each arrival hour are posted in the bulletin board near the Preschool Welcome Desk. On August 5th, they will be posted around the Preschool area for your convenience.
  • Kiosk (automated check-in) process remains the same.
  • If you have never used one of our kiosks, visit the Preschool Welcome Desk.
  • Children are received in rooms beginning at the following times: 7:45, 9:10 & 10:45AM.
  • We have short periods of time between services when the doors are closed for transition. See door schedule posted in hallway.
  • If your child is Kindergarten age but staying another year in Preschool, please contact
  • If you're a Preschool parent and not currently serving in Preschool, contact
  • Imprinters: Your current schedule will not change unless you communicate that info with
  • For questions about Cubbies/Puggles promotion, please click on our Awana tab.
  • If you are in-service somewhere and need assistance when our doors are closed, stop by the Preschool Welcome Desk.
  • Medical/Security issues must be updated annually (in August). Please stop by the Preschool Welcome Desk to update or print form HERE and drop off at the desk.

iKids1 is 6 weeks old through young 3s • iKids2 is older 3s through Pre-K

If your child is promoting from iKids1 to iKids2, keep in mind:

  • Sippy cups, diapers and backpacks will eventually fade out as your children mature.
  • Your child will be using different curriculum (Answers in Genesis).
  • Snacks will continue to be saltines and water.
  • All iKids2 children attending 2 sessions will attend both Sunday morning Small Groups and iKids Worship.

Birthday/Room Assignments

Have Questions?

Our team would love to answer any questions that you may have. This is our specialty.
You can contact us Monday - Thursday from 8:00am - 5:30pm or on Fridays from 8:00am - 12:00pm.

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Director of Preschool
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3's - PreK | Sunday School
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